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Support your immune system wellness

Natural Vitamin C with Mushroom Supplement Complex Immune System Support & Immune Defense. Produced from real species of 17+ potent mushrooms, Herbtonics IMMUNITY-C is the perfect blend of Vitamin C and mushrooms to promote maximum immune system wellness.


All of our products are 3rd party tested for purity and potency before they are rolled out to the public


Every formula of ours is made of completely natural ingredients and is therefore free of artificial flavors and chemicals.


Our supplements are manufactured in the USA in an FDA registered and GMP compliant facility.


Our formulas are non-GMO which means that none of the ingredients have been genetically modified


All of our supplements are free of soybeans as well as it’s by-products.

Purpose :

Promotes antibody production and may lower the intensity and length of cold symptoms

Helps your body naturally produce collagen, the protein responsible for clearer, glowing skin as well as stronger joints muscles.

May eliminate reactive oxygen species and oxidative stress to keep your cells safe.

Supports antibodies and your body’s natural defense system against pathogens.



Our Vitamin C and mushroom complex features over 17 unique mushroom species which have been traditionally used to support overall wellness.

Amazon Customer Reviews


I read about this product on a health forum and wondered if it was for real. So I went online and read up on the benefits of various kinds of mushrooms, how good they are for you. I've been taking the Immunity C+ blend of mushrooms for over a month and I feel great. Between the vitamins and the mushroom pills I haven't been sick at all, not even a headache or any Spring allergy symptoms. Good product!

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The ingredients make this a great immune support supplement! The mushroom complex alone is worth taking this. As a flight crew member, it's imperative that I keep up my immune system strong. So far this does the trick. Already ordered a second bottle bro keep in my flight bag. No weird flavor or stomach reactions. Plus vegan and non- GMO!

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I love this product for not only providing a good source of C but all the mushrooms! So many mushroom extracts. I’m fighting cancer a second time and going the natural route, and this product is an important weapon in my arsenal. Turkey tail is especially important in aiding the fight against breast cancer, but the other mushrooms all have benefits as well. I also love that it’s free of junk additives. Great product!

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