All Herbtonics products are manufactured in FDA Registered & GMP certified facilities.


Ingredients that come from mother earth. NO fillers, additives, or artificial ingredients.


Our supplements are manufactured in the USA.


High Quality & Natural. We only use ingredients that have NOT been genetically modified.


All of our supplements are free of soybeans as well as its by-products.



I’ve tried so many products, this is the first one that acutally works! I take two in the am, no jitters at all. Definitely helps curb my appetite. I’ve noticed a huge decrease in hunger. I’ve only been using for 4 days and someone asked me if I lost weight today. Would highly recommend!

ACV Keto - Verified Purchase
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With good dieting, these pills accelerate weight loss very well! I would recommend these to anyone and everyone! 88 pounds down in 5 months. These pills add energy within 10-15 minutes of taking them!

ACV Keto - Verified Purchase
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IT ACTUALLY WORKS!!! My daily routine and hectic work routine doesn't allow me to take care of my hair much but my receding hairline and thin hair were giving me some serious stress (probably why it happened at the first place). I'm SO glad to see my hair coming back and also getting thicker. 10/10 for the product, Team Herbtonics!

Foli-Tonic - Verified Purchase
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It gives me a long lasting energy boost throughout the day, my mood seems elevated and my it for sure increases sex drive (male or female) I’ve only gone through 1 bottle, ordering another right now...

Korean Panax Red Ginseng - Verified Purchase
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I am at the end of my third bottle so finally decided I could give a review. My hair and nails are growing so well and I do believe my skin is looking great!! My brother in law actually recently asked if I was aging backwards!

Multi-Collagen Gummies - Verified Purchase
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