About Herbtonics

Our Mission

is to help people attain their optimal health using a holistic approach to nutrition through our innovative and natural products, helping people live a stronger, longer and happier life.

Our Quality Commitment

All Herbtonics products are manufactured in FDA Registered and GMP certified facilities located in the USA using carefully screened ingredients sourced from all around the globe, ensuring our supplements contain the best mother earth has to offer


All of our ingredients are tested prior to being used in our products for potency, identity, and safety. In addition to this, products are systematically pulled at least every 30 minutes from the production line and tested by quality control. Once the products are completed and sealed, samples are sent to 3rd party labs and tested again.

Our Passion

We strive to make all of our products 100% Natural, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, with no additives or fillers. Continue reading to find out why this is important and what it means for your health.

100% Natural Ingredients

Many dietary supplements on the market contain synthetic chemicals produced in a laboratory. Just read the labels and you’ll see that you can’t even pronounce many of the ingredients in their products. At Herbtonics, we use only ingredients that come from mother earth and are processed in a way to preserve their wholesome goodness.


GMO is an acronym that stands for “Genetically Modified Organisms.” In the spirit of being true to our roots and offering high quality natural products, we only use ingredients that have NOT been genetically modified.

No Additives

We strive to make our formulas as clean as possible. If it’s not on our label, it’s not in our product. As such, we don’t add unnecessary chemical ingredients for things like color, texture or appearance. If we do have an ingredient that enhances color, it’s from natural sources and we identify it on the label as such, so you know exactly what you are putting into your body

No Fillers

We only using ingredients that add nutritional value to your body. That means no man-made fillers, food colorings or preservatives are added to our products. There are a variety of reasons why supplement brands add fillers ingredients; to improve manufacturing processes, prevent ingredients from clumping together, or to make vitamins visually pleasing. Herbtonics chooses to incorporate natural ingredients in our proprietary blends that prioritize improving your health over high profits.

Gluten Free

The majority of our products use ingredients that are gluten-free. If you see this statement on our label, then you can rest assured that the ingredients used in the product are not derived from gluten containing sources such as wheat, Rye, Barley and other grains and brewer’s yeast.

Dairy Free

Nearly all of our products are dairy free. This means the ingredients used to produce our supplements are not derived from milk sources. If you see this statement on our label, you can be confident that the product is free of any dairy based ingredients.