20 Day Guide To Self-love

Remember self-care is an act of self-love and it comes first above all. Here is a short script on self-love practices that will help you achieve that:

  • DAY 1:

    Spend the whole day eating healthy foods. Don’t worry, you will get your share of days to enjoy other types of food as well, but it is necessary to familiarize yourself with food that is good for you in order for you to start your journey towards self-care. If not today, you might decide to change your diet plan tomorrow, something that plays a very important role in how you feel about yourself and your body. 

self love.jpg

  • DAY 2:

    Go out for a shopping spree and spoil yourself. Buy all the things you love and might need on a daily basis, so that you can use them as well and not just feel bad about wasting your money.

  • DAY 3:

    Took a night at your nearest fancy hotel and enjoy your night by taking a bubble bath, ordering room service and relaxing the night away. 

  • DAY 4:

    Have a movie night with yourself or binge-watch a series that you can spend your whole day with; just you, Netflix and food. 


  • DAY 5:

    Do an act of kindness, anything you can, to give back something to the world. You can do it by spending the day at an orphanage, an old-age home or maybe something as simple as planting a tree. 

  • DAY 6:

    Visit a grocery store and get your hands on all the snacks you would love to eat. 

  • DAY 7:

    Go surprise your best friend today with their favorite meal and you can make them happy while getting to spend good quality time together and catch up on each other’s lives as well.  


  • DAY 8:

    Apply your favorite mask that works best for your skin, then apply your favorite moisturizer. Basically do your whole skincare routine, if you have any. In fact we would suggest you make one if you already don’t have it! 


  • DAY 9:

    Light a scented candle and read any book, magazine or even some comics - whatever you prefer.

  • DAY 10:

    Wake up early around 7 am to enjoy some fresh air with a morning walk. Don’t forget to make yourself some coffee or tea after the walk.

  • DAY 11:

    Clean and organize your room space, maybe put in some pazzaz element and add in new stuff. For this, you can even make a DIY wall-hanging, attach some fairy lights and pictures to your wall or just add an indoor plant.

  • DAY 12:

    Take the day off and go to the gym or fishing, which can both be very therapeutic. Or you can just go for a manicure pedicure.

  • DAY 13:

    Go for a spa day and get a nice and soothing body massage to relax your body and improve blood circulation.  


  • DAY 14:

    Apply your favorite hair mask. Leave it on for 20 minutes and rock your day with some smooth and shiny hair. Believe it or not, good hair can make all the difference for your self-esteem.

  • DAY 15:

    Cook a fancy meal all by yourself, for yourself. Learn to spoil yourself by making some effort on your part rather than just spending money to feel good.

  • DAY 16:

    Get a haircut or a hair dye and rock a new look!

  • DAY 17:

    Challenge yourself by drinking 12 glasses of water. Hydration is the key to a healthy body, fresh mind and a clear skin.

  • DAY 18:

    Have a game night with your friends, and who knows, you just might win!? Either way, it is a healthy and fun way to let out some steam.

  • DAY 19:

    Dance on your favorite songs for at least 30 minutes. Dancing is not only a good physical activity but it can also be very energizing.

  • DAY 20:

    Practice yoga or any kind of meditation for 40-45 minutes. This will lower your stress levels and improve your mood for the whole day!