5 Habits To Improve Your Sexual Drive


Have you tried changing your lifestyle habits to improve your sexual health? Believe it or not, you can bring a big change to your sex life if only you follow these 5 simple habits:

  • Cardio Exercises

    A 30-minute sweat-breaking exercise daily, whether it’s running or swimming, is the key to revitalize your libido. Being active physically can do wonders for your sexual drive as it increases the level of your sex hormones and keeps your heart healthy.


  • Diet

    In diet, you should take foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon, sardines, nuts, avocados and olive oil. Eating bananas and herbs like basil and garlic (added to foods) helps in increasing blood flow to the genitals as well. Some medical specialists also suggest supplements for men, in order for them to have a healthy prostate and hence, a healthy sexual drive.


  • Stress-free Lifestyle

    Living a stress-free life can help you be more productive in all aspects of life. This can be done through short stress-relieving exercises as that helps with blood circulation and in turn, improves your sexual health.

  • Caffeine Intake

    Surprisingly, a cup of coffee or tea a day can boost your sexual drive! So, you should adopt this habit if some of you aren’t fond of it already. However, keeping the intake at a moderate level is the key to being healthy.


  • Smoking/Alcohol

    Smoking and alcohol intake can both have a negative impact on your overall health as well as your sex life, so keep it to as little as possible if you want to see an improvement in your sexual well-being.