6 Easy Methods To Relieve Joint Pain

Many different kinds of arthritis, minor injuries or sprains can cause pain in the joints. There are several medical treatments that you can avail for this problem, however, we have identified some DIY ways so you don;t have to worry about a doctor’s fees:


Massages can help you a lot in relaxing and relieving your joints from acute pain. For this, you can either do a self-massage or see a massage therapist who is experienced in working for people with joint problems. 

Heat/Ice Treatments 


You will be needing some heating pads and cold packs to work on this remedy. Be clear that both of these are different treatments and they are used for slightly different purposes, and the details are given below. But, they give the same results which are to minimize the pain in the joints. 

  • Heat treatments are generally used for increasing circulation and soothing stiff joints. In this, you can either take a warm shower, apply warm paraffin wax or place heating pads on the area where you are feeling the pain.

  • Ice treatments are preferred for reducing the swelling and pain in the joints. In this, you can use a cold pack or a towel surrounding a bag full of ice. 

    Omega-3 Diet 71ZjWgVWagL._SX522_.jpg


Omega-3 diet has many health benefits, one of which is keeping the joints sturdy. The main sources include nuts, fish like salmon or tuna, or an easier alternative is to incorporate omega-3 supplements in your daily routine. 

Aquatic Exercises


Swimming is seen as an exercise often which is good for maintaining a sound mind and body. Many arthritis patients have reported feeling less pain in joints after performing 30 minutes of aquatic exercise 2-3 times a week. 

Ta-Chi Exercise


This simple exercise with gentle movements will assist you in preserving your joint health for a long time and you will develop the right posture, balance and muscle strength as well.

Herbal Supplements


Many people have found the cure for joint pain in herbal supplements. In case you are interested in looking for these supplements, look for herbs like ginkgo-biloba, Ceylon cinnamon, stinging nettle etc. to be present in that. 

Note: these remedies work as long as your joint pain is not chronic, otherwise, you will need to consult a medical specialist.