9 Simple Ways To Lose Weight

Drink More Water

Start with drinking more glasses of water daily, as it will let you eat fewer calories throughout the day. Besides, it carries many health and skin benefits as well!


Eat Without Electronic Distractions

You should give full concentration to each meal in order for it to digest properly. Using your phone or laptop while eating can make that process slower

Never Skip Breakfast

If you don’t eat breakfast, then you are most likely to put on extra pounds during the rest of the day. So be sure to eat a full nutritious healthy breakfast as it will keep you satiated for the most part of the day


Shrink Your Meal Portions

Instead of cutting down your meals to just 2 instead of 5 or 6, you should reduce the portions of all the meals and look for foods that make you feel fuller for a long time such as lean or low-fat protein. With that, include veggies, fruits, and whole grains as well.

Special Tip: You can also take dietary supplements to make you feel fuller for a longer time while not compromising on your health either!


Green Tea at Night

Taking green tea can help to burn calories and at the same time, remove toxins from your body. You can have it after your dinner at night for the best results


60 Minutes Daily Exercise 

Give an hour daily to any form of exercise you like as it will shape and tone your body as you weigh down. Other than that, it will keep you active and burn your calories, rather than bringing you down with weakness.


Detox Once A Week

Detox your body once or twice a week by taking only a juice diet for a day. Besides, you can also take greens, salads, and sprouts to detoxify your body and lose weight.


Count Your Calories

This is an important step because it all comes down to the number of calories you take in your food, so you must keep track of them always. You can use calorie-tracking apps to tally your calories.

Opt for Lighter Alternatives

This is called mindful eating. Small changes in your meals, such as dressings, sauces etc. can easily add up to many calories without giving you any hint of it. Here are some lighter alternatives to choose from: brown rice instead of white rice, coconut oil instead of vegetable oil, popcorn instead of potato chips, mustard instead of mayo and so on.