Acv: 10 Amazing Benefits

  1. Boosts energy levels

    Apple cider vinegar has so many benefits and people usually tend to put more stress on the weight loss part. What they don’t realize is that apple cider vinegar helps you to keep a healthy diet by reducing your need to eat junk food and snack without a reason. We all do it, eating because we are bored or watching Netflix or simply because a bread pudding looks too tempting to resist. However, incorporating apple cider vinegar changes these tendencies and this avoidance of unhealthy food or overeating boosts your energy levels throughout the day!

  2. Weight loss

    We have all heard this at one point in our lives or the other. Apple cider vinegar is famous for this trait and who does not want to lose weight? Overweight people want to be thin, thin people want to be thinner - the society works to target everyone and it doesn’t matter how you look. And we, at Herbtonics believe that one should be comfortable in their skin however if you want to make a change in how you look physically then taking a little help is not something to be ashamed about. Apple cider vinegar changes your diet in a way that you will not feel the need to eat just for the sake of it. Just one glass of it in the morning before breakfast and it will motivate you to eat less!

    However, if the smell of liquid form is too appalling for you, we also have a solution for that: Use capsules instead of drinking it in liquid form!


  1. Fights diabetes and lowers blood sugar level

    One of the most common diseases these days is diabetes, from children to people in their old age, it is one of the most prevalent health problems today! And according to recent scientific studies, apple cider vinegar helps in reducing blood glucose levels and this in turn helps people with diabetes. The issue with people who suffer from type 2 diabetes is that all of their glucose does not fully get absorbed into their cells, which means that there is an excess of glucose in the bloodstream. By taking apple cider vinegar, people suffering from this can reduce their glucose levels and keep it in check.


  1. Helps with heartburn

    Heartburn usually happens when you eat a large meal and acid reflux happens. As established and explained before, apple cider vinegar keeps your diet in check which means that one does not over eat and hence, avoid heartburn altogether. However, if that is not the case, then apple cider vinegar in pill form can help you with that. Since the liquid form is highly acidic, it will further cause issues in your esophagus, but the pills contain antioxidants that will help you reduce heartburn and acid reflux symptoms.

  2. Improves heart health

    A regular intake of apple cider vinegar shows a diet high in acetic acid. Acetic acid has many benefits such as reducing hypertension, inflammation and blood pressure. And if we manage to interest you enough to read further, you will see that apple cider vinegar also reduces cholesterol levels. All of these results show a better heart health and a reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases.

  3. Detoxifies the body

    Our bodies detoxify themselves naturally. The secretion of toxins is the main job of liver, after all. However, having a healthy diet can improve this process and make it more efficient as well. Apple cider vinegar has many health benefits, and including it in your diet promotes better removal of toxins from your body and keeping your diet junk-free as well.


  1. Balances pH levels

    Apple cider vinegar is an acidic drink but once consumed it actually becomes more alkaline, and it is healthy for your body to have a more alkaline pH. So, drinking it in the morning can not only help to hydrate your body but also has long-term health benefits. It also cleanses your body and keeps you diet in check, hence drinking it early in the morning can have amazing effects for your detox routine!

  2. Helps with bad breath

    Since bad breath is mostly a result of unbalanced pH levels, apple cider vinegar is a great fix for this problem. Because let’s face it, sometimes even brushing your teeth and/or using a mouthwash doesn’t take away the bad stinky morning breath. And it is a torture for everyone around you and even yourself at times. So, rinsing your mouth with apple cider vinegar can solve this issue. It contains acid and that slows down the growth of bacteria in your mouth that are causing you all the trouble.

  3. Helps with digestion

    Apple cider vinegar is fermented and like most fermented foods it contains bacteria - but in this case it is healthy bacteria. This bacteria helps the digestive system and keeps it working properly. It also helps with other stomach problems by fighting off harmful bacteria. Apple cider vinegar helps to break down our food, hence speeding up the digestion process of the body.


  1. Lowers cholesterol levels

    Many scientific studies have shown that apple cider vinegar helps to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. High cholesterol and blood pressure both accelerate the risk of heart disease. Vinegar consumption helps to reduce heart disease risk factors, which is one of the leading causes of death.