Everything To Know About Keto Diet

How Does Keto Diet Work:

  • You need to take a low carb and a high-fat diet. 

  • Along with carbs, you have to limit your protein intake which should be around 20-30% maximum. 

  • Your body is forced to switch to a metabolic state where it breaks fats or ketones as the primary energy source.

  • You have to exercise 20-30 minutes daily to regulate weight loss.

  • You have to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day to stay hydrated. This will also control your hunger levels.

  • You have to stop snacking as that will slow your progress. 


Tip: Consider intermittent fasting to boost your ketone levels. 

Foods to Eat:

Starting off with knowing your macros, they should be something around: 

-70% of fats

-25% protein

-5% carbs

Foods you can eat:

  • Meats – fish, beef, lamb, poultry, eggs, etc.

  • Leafy Greens – spinach, kale, etc.

  • Vegetables –cauliflower, celery, asparagus, etc.

  • High Fat Dairy – cheese, high fat cream, butter, etc.

  • Nuts and seeds – macadamias, walnuts, sunflower seeds, etc.

  • Avocado and berries – raspberries, blackberries, and other low glycemic impact berries

  • Other fats – coconut oil, high-fat salad dressing, avocado oil, fatty fish, and nut butter etc.

Snacks you can eat:

  1. 1-2 hardboiled eggs

  2. A handful of nuts

  3. 90% dark chocolate

  4. A low-carb milkshake with almond milk, cocoa powder, and nut butter

  5. Strawberries and cream

Foods to Avoid:

  • Grains or starches– wheat, corn, rice, cereal, pasta, etc.

  • Sugar – honey, agave, maple syrup, etc.

  • Sugary foods- Soda, fruit juice, smoothies, cake, ice cream, candy, etc.

  • Beans or legumes- Peas, kidney beans, lentils, chickpeas, etc.

  • Fruit – apples, bananas, oranges, etc.

  • Tubers – potato, yams, etc.

  • Alcohol:  Alcoholic beverages can throw you out of ketosis due to their carb content.

  • Unhealthy fats: Limit your intake of processed vegetable oils, mayonnaise, etc.

Tip: Since supplementing can help with a keto diet, try using our Herbtonics Keto Pro Advance or ACV with Mother + Keto for guaranteed weight loss results. 

When you’re in Ketosis:

Here are the symptoms of being in ketosis

  1. You will face increased urination as keto is a natural diuretic.

  2. You will feel thirstier with dry mouth.

  3. You will feel energized and less hungry.

  4. You will face the issue of bad breath.

  5. You might feel your heart beating faster more often during the transition period. 


Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet:

  1. It will help you lose weight.

  2. It may improve your acne if you are facing this problem.

  3. It will solve your blood pressure issues if you have them.

  4. It will maintain your cholesterol level.

  5. It will help you treat Type II diabetes as it controls blood sugar levels. 

Side Effects:

  • You might feel leg cramps.

  • You might experience keto rash when you start on keto.