How To Deal With Sleep Deprivation?

Sleep is one of the most important human functions for your mind and body, and if taken for granted it can take a huge toll on your health. It not only ruins your mood throughout the day but reduces your energy, lowers your productivity levels and impairs cognition. There are a number of things you can do if you cant seem to sleep properly at night and we have listed some of them down for you:

  • Many recent studies have linked eating habits with sleeping routine. The idea is to eat clean and at least a couple of hours before you plan on sleeping. This not only improves your digestion but also improves your sleep. Fruits and vegetables are an obvious choice for a healthy diet but protein is equally beneficial too.Eggs can be eaten anytime throughout the day and they are not only healthy and easily prepared, but are also very filling.


  • Staying hydrated is stressed upon for skin and health benefits. But what most people dont know is that water intake promotes better rest too. Most of the times, even when you are thirsty, you don’t feel it so you need to be very particular about your intake.

  • Decide on a realistic bedtime and follow it. Put reminders one hour before your designated time so you can finish all the chores before that and not make any excuse. Stop binge-watching shows on Netflix near that time, no quick snacks that turn into 5 course meals and no random bursts of motivation to fix your closet or your life. Sleep on time and you will have much more time in the morning to do all that and more.

  • Create a sleeping environment in your room. Dim the lights, put on light, soothing music and keep a water jug on your bedside table. Studies show that sleeping in complete dark puts you in a deeper sleep.

  • You can also download an app for keeping a track of your sleep schedule. If you are sleeping well and still don’t feel fresh enough, there might be something about your sleeping behaviors that you don’t know about. Consult a doctor or download an app to keep a track of your sleeping behaviors.

  • If you’re a new parent and don’t seem to get enough sleep recently, there is no big deal in getting some help to catch up on your own life. Communicate to your partner and get their help, or hire a babysitter to get a day off and catch up on all your chores to get a peaceful sleep at night. Either way, don’t compromise on your sleep because you are not only causing problems for yourself but also for your child/children.

  • If all else seems to fail, don’t resort to strong sedatives such as Xanax. Rather focus on trying out supplements first. They might help you and are much easier to get off from, later on, compared to other pills which are highly addictive. They don’t fix your sleeping cycle, rather makes you dependent on them,