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Everything you need in one convenient bottle.

Helps promote optimal health by supporting metabolism, immune system, and cardiovascular health

Are you reaching all your daily vitamin requirements? Whole Food Multi Vitamin by Herbtonics is a careful blend of all vitamins sourced from fruits and vegetables and formulated for both men and women.

Our unique formula of natural ingredients provides unrivaled support for your immune system and helps promote a healthy lifestyle. 


All of our products are 3rd party tested for purity and potency before they are rolled out to the public


Every formula of ours is made of completely natural ingredients and is therefore free of artificial flavors and chemicals.


Our supplements are manufactured in the USA in an FDA registered and GMP compliant facility.


Our formulas are non-GMO which means that none of the ingredients have been genetically modified


All of our supplements are free of soybeans as well as it’s by-products.

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I take several prescription drugs daily, including some psych meds. I read an article on how prescription medication depletes the body of vitamins and minerals which causes side affects related to those deficiencies. I decided to search for a multivitamin and found that multivitamins have to cram a lot of stuff into a very limited space. Many multivitamins may be give the consumer little benefit because they did not dissolve in the stomach or used ingredients that the body had trouble absorbing. After much research and comparing many multivitamins, HerbTonics was hands down my best value. It costs a little more and you have to take 4 pills a day instead of 1, but the multivitamin was designed to dissolve in the stomach and it uses ingredients that the body can easily absorb and utilize. None of the other multivitamins came close. I highly recommend this multivitamin, especially to those who take prescription meds.

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Not all vitamins and minerals are created equal. In fact, some brands are pumped full of fillers, additives, and unhealthy ingredients that can do more harm than good when it comes to your health. This vitamin is clean and natural. It doesn't give me an upset stomach and although subtle, my mood is brighter and I'm not as tired throughout the day. I also feel more productive at work as well as the gym and I'm not irritable. Another good sign is that my urine isn't bright yellow, meaning I'm absorbing the vitamin and not flushing it out.

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We found this company to be very reputable and good to deal with. They have fine products this multivitamin has all that you need just to stay in your body and give it what it needs to help fight colds flus and sicknesses. It's easy swallow doesn't have any side effects, and you can take it anytime you like. It's a nice product if you want to have coverage for whole array of vitamins nutrients and supplements

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