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Everything you need in one convenient bottle.

Helps promote optimal health by supporting metabolism, immune system, and cardiovascular health

Are you reaching all your daily vitamin requirements? Whole Food Multi Vitamin for Teens by Herbtonics is a careful blend of all vitamins sourced from fruits and vegetables and formulated for teens with natural ingredients to provide enhanced support for the immune system.


All of our products are 3rd party tested for purity and potency before they are rolled out to the public


Every formula of ours is made of completely natural ingredients and is therefore free of artificial flavors and chemicals.


Our supplements are manufactured in the USA in an FDA registered and GMP compliant facility.


Our formulas are non-GMO which means that none of the ingredients have been genetically modified


All of our supplements are free of soybeans as well as it’s by-products.

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Very satisfied with this product. While the pill is larger than what my son is used to, he is able to swallow the vitamins with no problems. My 12yr old son has seen the following since taking this vitamin:
1. More energy
2. Reduced acne
3. Improved digestive issues
4. Improved joints and muscles
4. Improved digestive issues
5. Reduced frequent headaches
5. Improved sleep

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Bought these for my 12yr old daughter a month ago because it was always a full time job getting her to eat her whole foods & greens & veggies. She understand the importance of them but she just dont like them so she always try to cheat from eating them. With these capsules, she actually take them without having to be told to do so. I still make her eat her veggies & fruits but now it is not as big a deal as before, for I have peace of mind knowing that she is getting her daily intake of fruit & veggies whether she cheat on eating the real ones or not.
I have not seen her display any allergies, disorders, headaches, tummy pains, or adverse side effects since she have been taking them so I will continue with them and hope that they are doing what the manufacturer claim that they are supposed to do.

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